Craft Beer & Wine

Craft beer at Salt Springs Brewery

Salt Spring Brewery takes great pride in its brews, meticulously hand crafting true-to-style beer on a 7bbl, custom-built brewhouse. Salt Springs' brewmaster and chief mustache-wearer, Ed, utilizes his impressive scientific background to fine tune water chemistry, mash pH, recipe formulation and all the other amazing things that happen to convert water, grains and hops into delicious beer. 

Located in farm country, fresh, local ingredients are used whenever possible.  In return, spent grains are sent back to farmers for feed and compost. A true symbiotic relationship, drawing ingredients and flavors from the Earth, preparing them for the yeast's feast and, ultimately, into your glass to enjoy, relax and celebrate.  Please visit and like us on Facebook for up-to-date and accurate information on releases and events. 

7bbl brewhouse at Salt Springs Brewery in Washtenaw

Beer on Tap

You can find our up to date tap list at or by viewing the list below. 

Salt Springs' fermentologists, Ed (resident mad scientist and chief mustache wearer) and Jason (dude who wears shorts all winter long and comes up with beer names like "The Flatulator"...respectfully declined), brew some truly awesome beer.  The water chemistry is dialed in for each style. A house yeast is not used at Salt. Only true-to-style, fresh yeast is used for each and every batch.  We can sure taste the difference and know you will too! 


January 15th - Batch 200 is landing and the Double DIPA is back!   
Ed and Tyler have brewed the Double DIPA to celebrate our 200th batch brewed. 10.1% ABV, 110 IBU, full of centennial hops and plenty of citrus notes.  

To celebrate our 200th batch, visit us Tuesday, Jan 15h and receive 200 cents off your first glass of Double DIPA, batch 200!    (may not be combined with Happy Hour or other discounts/ offers, limit 1 per customer) Mug club members will receive their first glass of Double DIPA for only $0.50 the 15th-17th! (one per visit)

January 22nd - Winter Sour Saison!  Our Christmas Saison has sat for a year, getting ready and patiently waiting for you to come and enjoy! This is a limited release, so don’t miss out!


Take home a fresh brew in a Salt Springs Brewery Growler (64oz re-usable glass) or Crowler (32oz recyclable can), filled right at the bar.  Have a bigger thirst to quench?  Kegs in 1/2 and 1/4 barrel sizes are also available for purchase.  Please call ahead for pricing and to arrange for pick up in advance.  734.295.9191

Rental equipment 

Jockey Box -  $40 / 2 day rental  $5 gas fee, $100 deposit ($600 if lost/ damaged)

2 tap jockey box with 120’ of stainless coil.  Fill with ice and water for the ultimate in beer chilling.  We also advise keeping the keg on ice (keg tubs available).   This will reduce the amount of foam when serving.  A CO2 tank and regulator is also included with the Jockey Box rental.  CO2 will keep your beer fresh and in optimal condition (no oxidation) and maintain carbonation while serving. 


Picnic / Party Tap -  $10 / 2 day rental, $25 deposit ($50 if lost/ damaged)

This is your basic hand pump, tap system.  Just remember, when you use this pump you are pumping oxygen into the keg and over time oxygen will cause your beer to go flat and become oxidized. After you tap a keg, it will only stay fresh for a day or two without a CO2 system.   You will need to keep your keg cool and on ice (keg tubs available).  This will reduce foam when serving and maintain serving temperature. 


Beer Keg Tub - $5 / 2 day rental  ($30 if lost/ damaged)

Wine & Bubbly by the bottle

Sparkling wine will be produced and bottled for Salt Springs Brewery by renowned L. Mawby of Sutton's Bay, MI.  Celebrate your special occasion with a very special bottle of Salt Springs bubbly. Other partner wineries include Bowers Harbor and Fenn Valley. 

sparkling riesling

sparkling rose

pinot grigio

unwooded chardonnay 

medium sweet riesling



henry - red blend